Monday, September 1, 2014

Tips for Packing healthy school lunches

Every parent wants to send their kids off in the morning with a lunch box packed full of healthy food. When your children get home, you find half of the lunch is untouched. That puts the right nutrition down the drain. Does this sound familiar? It is no secret that when it comes to food, kids can be hard to please. So how do you make sure they eat all that “good for you stuff?
Ways to make your school lunches easier:
Try involving your kids in planning and making school lunches, this will help them build their own healthy eating habits. If they make it themselves they are more likely to eat it.
Lunch tips your kids will love:
By keeping your kitchen stocked with grab and go foods you can whip up a quick healthy lunch, for example:
 Whole grain pita wrap with chicken and veggies.
Layers of fruit with whole grain cereal.
Cheese slices with English muffin.
When it comes to healthy eating a little planning goes a long way.

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